About 112 Gallery

by @alfondc

The international 112 gallery is located in Barcelona, inside the space named Nau Bostik.  Nau Bostik was once an old glue factory that can now be considered -after six years of operation- one of the most active and interesting references among the spaces of creation and cultural diffusion that can be found in the city.  As we are aware of the difficulty involved in the mere definition of culture in 112 gallery, we prefer to speak of ´cultures´ in the plural sense and at the same time think that a specific culture is only alive when it is shared.   Isolated cultures are condemned to disappear, they die in a sadly inbred form. In this sense, 112gallery was born with the aim of enriching, through dissemination, contemporary photographic culture. It is our purpose to show and disseminate through exhibitions those photographic works that we consider interesting while promoting those authors who, due to their characteristics, their way of working, and the volume of their work can collaborate in this exciting company. 112gallery has an eminently contemporary aspiration, but at the same time, at 112gallery we intend to continue the photographic tradition in all its aspects. Tradition and contemporaneity are two terms that have always been considered antithetical, however at 112gallery we gladly accept this contradiction, so human, thinking that, to a certain extent, culture, cultures, are nourished by our differences.

Gallery Artists Manager

Pablo Pérez
Pablo Pérez

Born in Argentina in November 1975, he has dedicated himself to cultural management for more than twenty years, the last and most relevant being those corresponding to Can Basté and Nau Bostik with whom he continues to collaborate. He also belongs to the cooperative called Territorios Libres which is responsible for the management, production and development of exhibition projects of a social nature.

Gallery Art Manager

Alfonso de Castro

He is an artist who uses photography as a means of expression. He has a Bachelor of Physics and a Ph.D. in Fine Arts and combines arts activity with teaching as Professor in University.

His current vision of photography revolves around the idea that “excess” is something substantial and immanent to photography.

Design & Media Manager

Joan Linux
Joan Linux Martinez

Born on 1972 in Barcelona, ​​he has been teaching himself in the world of photography for over 20 years.

Specializing in all types of event reports, especially in the Blues and Jazz of Barcelona.

In this moment he is teaching at Llumatics and photographing for Pocallum.