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“Cuando canta el gallo negro es que ya se acaba el día, si cantara el gallo rojo otro gallo cantaría”

At 112 Gallery it is our intention to move the visitor out of their  wellness area where the negativity of the unpleasant and sinister disappears and gives way to the boring and monotonous of the whole still resolved now with a “like”. For this reason, being a physical space in a traditional sense, we look for atopic work and not projects supposedly coated with that authenticity that is always imposed on us as an alternative to the completely different. When we speak of tradition, we do so in the context of the preservation of a space where mystery and strangeness help us establish relationships with the other. Despite the fact that we inhabit this territory, already fully administered, we are opposed to the absence of opposition and the confrontation that it fosters and is characteristic of current perception.

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我是一名拍照员,在艺术的历程上还未留下太多痕迹。拍照是我不会放弃的激情和热爱。我认为摄影是一次观察和探讨人类的一次机会。我希望可以拍摄到更多的灵魂。摄影是我好奇心的媒介,在我意识到一些奇妙的事情发生时,拿起相机拍摄能让我在抽象的意义上走得更远。我拍摄身边接触到的亚文化,通常他们比较零散,但是每人都有自己的特色。 对于这些朋友特性,在我看来,最好、最真实的东西就是背离和摆脱社会控制的(大众永远是被控制的那帮人,而社会永远以超过个人利益的角度在前进)。 病态同时奇思妙想,是一种充满灵性的光,是自己或者他人影子和共鸣的那个部分。 我擅长用类比来隐喻(你看见什么既是什么),相机能触及的地方是有限的,图像表达却可以无限延展,从照片的现象反观现实本身就是一件很有意思的事情。 I’m a photographer, who haven’t left much of... Read more →